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Will you choose the Scoundrel, the Enchantress, or the Templar?

11.20.2011 by Nocturne

Diabloe Beta Patch 6 is live!

09.07.2011 by Nocturne

Well, for Friends and Family!

There is one known stream that is currently up, check it out.

09.06.2011 by Nocturne

Well, the Diablo 3 beta is quite literally around the corner. That said, the dataminers have been hard at work bringing to you some interesting bits of information. While we can assume that a lot of this information will be taken down in days to come, there are a lot of very spoiler-ific items to be seen with some of these leaked sites - all confirmed to be real.

For all of those more interested about the Auction House and what that is all about, here is a basic overview that will hopefully address all of your questions.

New Screenshots

New Artwork

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